Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See bee, hide under table

If you have been reading my posts you know my unfortunate dancing act with bees, wasps, insects of the stinging nature. Today I am sitting here at the computer looking through the never ending job searches when a humongous bee comes in a dead flight path towards my face. I start jumping around and screaming like a nut (yes, again!) and Josh is sitting in the chair reading. He looks at me as if I have completely lost my mind (which I could have, especially when those strange dangerous things are flying towards my head). He asks me what this bee dancing is all about. I told him about the huge bee, you know the one the size of my head with the killer stinger, and point to the window where it now rests waiting to antagonize its prey.

Josh gets the flyswatter and heads towards the bee. Our beloved lab Rosco is asleep on the couch when all of the sudden dad swats at something and wakes him up. Josh is doing the same bee dance as I was while Rosco and I hide under the kitchen table, in fear of our lives. With a little more dancing Josh decides to give up with this pest and bring out the real ammo, a plastic container with lid and Lysol spray. He gracefully, yet forcefully, places the container over the dreaded beast, sprays a little Lysol (not sure why, but he does. Maybe he wanted to piss the bee of a little more than he had during his ode to flyswatter dancing bee act), then slips a piece of paper over the container trapping the bee inside. He then releases the bee to the outside world. I then emerge from my hiding under the table, when you start to hear a thumping sound. Great the bee is back with avengance! We look down and our beloved Rosco is wagging his tail hitting the floor. His expression is "YAY daddy!! You killed that thing! Now let me have the couch. I need me some more zzz's."

So yes, another bee catastrophe has been avoided at the Hunt house. Until next time little pests.


  1. i hate bees and have some crazy dances too lol

    where do you get your blog backgrounds? i cant find theperfect one yet...

  2. I believe there is a logo in the upper left corner of my blog. They have many backgrounds to choose from.