Monday, June 11, 2012


I cannot believe that I have not been on here in almost a year! WOW..... There really hasn't been anything new in the baby world. I still have APS. My RE put me on a whole list of medications and follistim. With each round everything looked great, I just didn't end up pregnant. With our last medicated cycle and no pregnancy my RE decided that he wants to up the follistim to 100IU instead of 75. BUT, I need a break. I am financially and emotionally torn. My heart breaks whenever I hear of a pregnancy announcement. It will be 4 years in August, how can other people become pregnant so easily. I just dont understand it.

My husband and I decided that we both needed a break. TTC has really taken a toll on our life, but it has not damaged us. We will try again. It may be a while, but we will. I want to become pregnant so I can feel the baby growing inside me, but for now we wait. We relax. We work on things to keep our minds occupied, like positive affirmations for fertility. "I am fertile."