Monday, July 13, 2009

AF is only confirmation that your not preggos

So here I am waiting and waiting for some good news in my life. Wanting some news that would make my life a little more enjoyable. Like congrats you have a job. Maybe congrats your pregnant. But AF (Aunt Flo) arrives early!!!! She reminds me each month that I lost our first child. She gives me confirmation that I am indeed not preggos. How sick is she! Just once I would like her to stay away for 9 months. I already had her gone for one month, can we please add eight more!! I know that we get to try again, but...well just but. Eventually one day we will have a child. I want a sticky child!!! When I told Josh that AF was here he was a little bumbed. Then he asked about my ovulation day. I told him when it should be and he marked it on the calendar. He said that around my O day we are going to live in bed. I have two days left with my AF visitation. Let us hope that she doesn't make a return in August.

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