Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jobless Me

I've begun to think that the reason I have not been blessed with a living baby is due to my joblessness. So God doesn't want me to carry a luvly baby to full term b/c I yet to find a job. So why is it then that people on welfare and other government services have children all the time?! I am getting a little frustrated. I have my degree, my license to work in this glorious state, yet I cannot find a job, and cannot keep a baby alive inside of me long enough to see his/her face exploding out of my VanChina. Maybe God doesn't want me to have a child right now while I am job hunting. WHEN!!!!!! When will I have the honor and privilidge of having a beautiful child growing inside of me and seeing him/her living outside of me!? Its just frustrating that people on drugs, and other nonmedical related substances have children and those of us that are healthier have the most difficulties!! UGH!

So my healthy living habit was blown out the window today.
Breakfast: Left over calzone
Lunch: McDonalds
Dinner: More pizza, breadsticks, and coke
Exercise: Swimming (the only thing I did right today)

This has been a bad health day for me. I dont remember eating this bad before, but I probably have. I feel disgusting! That could be due to my sore mood about not conceiving. Maybe I need to go on a walk with the hubs to relive some stresses. That might help...

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