Friday, May 31, 2013

Say What??

It has been a really long time since I have posted in here. A lot of you probably have forgotten my existence. I have been very busy with work and life in general. Let's see.....

I had an HSG done a few months ago. I was expecting it to be painful, as I googled and youtubed about the procedure, but I wasn't expecting it to feel like that. First off, the clamps he put in were too short, so he tried to shove them inside me. OWIE!!! I've never felt pain like that in my life. Not sure if it was really pain, or just plain uncomfortable. During the "wonderful" procedure we found that my tubes are clear (YAY), but my uterus is small and oddly shaped.

So I have a small uterus...........

Dr. G then wanted me to have an laparoscopy completed. I had my round of labs for that the last week of March. I am at school with my kids on our last day before spring break when I get a call that would change my life. "I have great news! You're pregnant!!!" My hcg level was low, but they figured it was just really early.

Being high risk, I get the pleasure of having several labs drawn and many prenatal appointments. With each set of labs, my hcg went up, but not by much. It doubled once....then went up a few points for the rest, where it eventually came to a stop and drop around 10 wks gestation. I was yet again having a miscarriage of my 5th, yes 5th pregnancy. The heparin and prometrium were not able to save this one.

I went through the miscarriage naturally and survived. Again. It is unfortunate that I know how to handle my grief through loss, because I have experienced so many.

This week, I called my RE and scheduled my HSG. I will have this procedure done on the 18th of June. He thinks that I could have endo (but I don't think I do) and he also wants to go check things out to get a better picture of my reproductive system.

After the HSG I am not sure what direction we will head. Will we go the natural route? Will we take all that medication? I guess it depends on the results.