Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 15 ~ My dream house

I want a home with loads of windows on the back of the house. I want the house on a hill. I want there to be a woods beyond the hill so we can sit looking out the window at the changing seaons. But most of all I want a house filled with babies. My babies. Human babies.

Day 14 ~ Nonfictional book

This book really helped me through my darkest of days.

No I havent fell off the face of the Earth...

well at least for now.

My life has been total chaos since my last posting several weeks ago. Housing issues, job issues, and of course the pitts of TTC.

First: House

Our landlord was threatening to kick us out because we were considering buying a home that wasn't the one that we are renting. He was furious. We found a home that is much larger than the one we are renting for the same price that our landlord wants for this place. So we had loads to consider. We would rather go for the bigger house, you never know how many babies we will make, so a bigger house just seems reasonable.
Anyways.... He told us that there was someone interested in buying this place. He also gave us a month to get out. The hubs and I started packing things away. The man came over to look at the house with our landlord. To his surprise he saw that we had boxes and boxes everywhere. He knew we meant business. Since he saw our packing, he has been back tracking everything he has told us. He wants us to stay here because he know he will lose $400/month in rent. And he is under huge financial trouble with this house. We are still packing. We will continue to pack. Its going to be about 60 - 90 days before we can get the loan for the house that we want to purchase. BUT, we may find something better. Something with land.

Second: Job

Not so much with me, as for my husband. Insurance is crazy. It really is. His employer decided that they are going to once again change the insurance. Ugh. They do this every year. Last year, we had to switch to a high deductible plan just because it was going to cost us to much to do the other plan. Next year they are going to start charging for the HSA, and not put much money in our account. Oh the hold they have over our heads. I would just say forget all of this insurance crap, but going through infertility treatments without this would be a nightmare!!

Finally: The TTC pitts

Here is the round up. Rember the goal progesterone level is 20
Clomid round 1 ~ 50 mg raised progesterone to 6.7; BFN
Clomid round 2 ~ 100mg raised progesterone to 22; BFN
Clomid round 3 ~ 100mg currently running through my blood stream

Tuesday I go in for the CD 14 ultrasound. We will then discuss if I am a good candidate for the hcg trigger shot. I'm really hoping that I am so we can better our chances of conception.