Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to Kill a Wasp

Step 1: Get the fly-swatter and ease your way to the wasp.
Step 2: Wait for it!! Wait for the wasp to land on something (and a window screen does not count!! as I found out). Smack it hard!
Step 3: As the wasp is flying towards your head looking very angry run run as fast as you can!! Screaming all around the house. Jump up and down and spin in circles to make sure it is not on you.
Step 4: Go back into the laundry room to find that he is still on the window screen moving his wings. He looks very angry.
Step 5: Decided to avoid the laundry room until the hubs gets home to take care of the pesky varmint.

Did you know that if you google search “How to Kill a Wasp” you get 1,340,000 hits!? I mean really how many ways are there to kill those pesky little varmints!! Of course I’ve tried doing it my way. You know, running around the house screaming like a complete idiot that looks like I should be locked up. Dancing around the house like someone has caught me on fire just to get away from the stingy little bug. Why on Earth are those things so hard to get rid of? Obviously we need 1,340,000 ways to help us kill the insect. I suppose just a shoe or fly-swatter just won’t do! So I decided why not try some of these ways to see which one is the best possible solution for the fatality of the wasp. This is my journey in killing a wasp!!
So one idea that I found out of the 1,340,000 was that you can become a ninja and permanently disable and rid of the small creature. So the idea is that you take a pair of scissors and cut the trouble-maker in half. First off, I am not one that wants to be that close to something that could cause me immense pain! This idea may work, but me I’m too much of a chicken to even begin to try this one out! So on to the next possible heart splitting solution to kill a pesky wasp.
Apparently there is a redneck way to kill a wasp. According to the informational video you should take a can of hair spray and a lighter to make a torch. Burn the stinking wasps. Well what happens if you burn yourself? I could see many great things happening with this one. Maybe my firefighter husband can burn the sucker!!!

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