Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healthy life in hopes for baby

Before we had our positive home pregnancy test in April I made a life change. We went to the gym three times a week, ate healthy, and lived a happy lifestyle. I continued to remain in this healthy situation through my pregnancy, until I was hit with the load of bricks: miscarriage. After having the miscarriage I fell apart. I didn't care about my body. Why should I be healthy if I was just going to lose the baby anyway. I became a couch potato. I really didn't like the lifestyle I was tunneling towards. I began to eat a little healthier, but not like before. I started cleaning my house again. I want a change. I want something exciting and refreshing in my life in hopes to develop a growing fetus that transforms into our future child. I want a baby!!

Today I am making a vow to start to live a healthier life. A life rich in great food, exercise, laughter, love, fun, and relaxation. I want to have a healthy life. I want to be healthy for our unborn children. I am being hopeful that this change will help our conceiving journey. I believe it will, since it did those few months ago.

The Plan

* smaller portions - eat out of saucers or small plates
*antioxidants - green tea, blueberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli (5 servings a day)
*fiber - oatmeal, brown rice, wheat pasta, 100% whole grain, beans (25mg a day)
*Omega 3 - Fish, flax seed, walnuts, olive oil
*veggies - eat directed amount of servings a day
*fruit - eat directed amount of servings a day

*three times a week
*cardio - 20 minutes with my heart rate at 156
*weight training - 10 minutes lunges, leg lifts, pull ups, free weights
*yoga - 10 minutes
*relaxation - 5 minutes of meditation, prayer, breather every day

*Need to start taking my prenatal again
*add in Vit D due to low count at last dr visit
*more calcium

Sleep and Sex:
*7-8 hours of sleep (I tend to get more)
*2-3 sex days (we really lack in this area)
*no electronics 10 minutes before going to bed
*be adventurous, sleep naked
*dim the lights

I am hoping that this detailed plan keeps me on track. I am going to enlist the help and support of my husband. I am going to help him get back on track as well. I am also going to write about my healthy journey to having a family in hopes that it will create a positive outcome. This is going to be a new chapter in my life that will last. I am ready to start something new. I am ready to be healthier. I will start tomorrow morning. New day, new lifestyle.


  1. Good for you! I recently made a similar resolve. I definitely put on some pounds after my miscarriage and it feels good to finally have them off. Good luck with your effort. Let me know if you ever need a cheerleader!

  2. Thanks! I really do need some support. I am going to try to get my hubs on board. Sometimes I feel like I need a cow prod to get him going. Maybe I should brand him.... :)