Thursday, July 9, 2009

Childhood Wishes

I think about Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (the original one, not the ones they make now) every time I hear the phrase "childhood wishes." Although I can say for sure that if they made chocolate dishes that you could eat, I might try eating them. :) On the other hand I am not to shabby about licking wallpaper. How many people have licked that same exact spot before me? Its actually quite disgusting if you think about it. *insert sick face here*

So I began to think about my childhood wishes today. What did I really want from my childhood? Why were those things so important to me then, and not so important now? Who makes the rules that says we cannot accomplish our childhood dreams as adults? Does that make us too childish and not adult like? As I see it we need to come face to face with our inner child and not be such boring adults. So many adults have become machines, programed to be the grown-up and do things that are not so fun. I say we need to break out of that nutty shell and become adults with hints of children shining through. If you have read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch you know that fulfilling childhood dreams is what its all about. So I have set to achieve some of my childhood dreams.

Dream 1 ~ Get married to the most wonderful man in the universe. You know the one that looks like a super model and has a heart of gold.
*Accomplished! I have a wonderful husband.

Dream 2 ~ Become a teacher.
*So this one is halfway accomplished. I have my state teaching license just no job, yet.

Dream 3 ~ Have a family.
*We are so working on this one. We do have an angel baby, Baby H. Hopefully one of our beans will stick and we can have a baby to hold. When I was a child I thought it would be easy pesy to have children. Boy, was I wrong! Its hard work, but the practicing is sooo much fun!

Dream 4 ~ Don't give up on my favorite food.
* Jackpot!!! I accomplished this one today! I had the lovely Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. This cereal is da bomb!!! Now I might have to go to the gym for a while to work off all of the sugar, but it was sooo much fun to eat!

So these are some of the dreams that I have accomplished. I am going to look inside myself and see what other dreams are in there. Hopefully I can fulfill them all.

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