Thursday, August 27, 2009

You have me thinking

I am starting to regain my life. I've been feeling great! No lows, no anger, just me. THANKFULLY!! My husband and I decided to really start ttc again. Today I've been looking at my calendar, the one I keep with all of the bodily info on it. I started it in August 08 when we start ttc to keep track of my cycles. I noticied some interestint things. But first I will tell you about this cycle.

The cycle that is currently visiting me started 3 days early. AF has been very very light, with yesterday being the heaviest. AF should depart tomorrow, but I think she is pretty much gone. Yesterday I felt sick all morning. It wasnt until I had lunch that I started to feel better. I noticed that af visited me two weeks before. Strange.

I looked back to March at my last "cycle" before getting our bfp in April. that cycle was similar to this one and it was two and a half weeks after the start of the previous cycle. I dont know if I am making any sense. I'm just a little curious. I wish I could post the two monts on here to see what the readers think. Maybe I am wishful thinking and just dreaming it all up, I dont know. I might go buy a test tomorrow just to see what comes of it.

Here are the two months: March and Aug. August does not have as much information due to having computer issues and not able to chart as much. Whats going on?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shortening Cycles?

Today Aunt Flo arrived, one day early of her scheduled date. My cycles seem to be shortening. Before my miscarriage my cycles were 24-25 days, after they dropped to 23 days. My last cycle was a short 22 days. What is going on with my body? Why are my cycles shortening? It has me really confused.

My husband and I have decided to really start trying again. My hopes have come up and I am starting to be more positive. I think that I am going to purchase some opk's, just not sure what brand. Anyone have any suggestions of good brands?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've still been having some cramping. Aunt Flo isnt due until next Tuesday. Hello body? Whats up with you!?

Monday, August 17, 2009


So the spotting disappeared, along with the back ache. I wonder what was going on with my body.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back Pain and Spotting

Aunt Flo departed last Friday! When she left the hubs and I decided to go for a swim. We swam all weekend. Diving, Jumping, Flipping, Standing on my hands, it was pretty intense. Tuesday I started to have some lower back pain, on my right side. I chalked it up to working out to hard in the pool. I've done that before. Well my back pain is still here, but I tolerate it. I try not to take pain killers, just use ice and messages from the hubster. Today has thrown me curve ball. This may be tmi, but you are going to hear it. When I went to the restroom I had some spotting and cm. I looked back to April when I had a positive pregnancy test and I had spotting plus cm. No back pain. Body, what are you doing?

Back pain and spotting

Aunt Flo left me last Friday. The hubs and I decided to go for a swim. I did some jumping in the pool and many many flips. Tuesday I started to have lower back pain, on my right side. I accounted it to be from working to hard in the pool. Its still bothering me. However, today I had something else occur that has me thinking. This may be a tmi, but when I went to the bathroom I had some spotting along with cm. Est O was the 11th/12th. I looked back to April when I had my bfp and I had cm plus spotting. I don't have any records of back pain. Whats going on body?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Second Blog

Today I decided to start a second blog. One that is not centered on having a child. This new blog that I have begun to create is on regaining my life. I've noticed since my miscarriage I have not been the same person. I want to turn my life around in hopes for more positive returns. I will continue to use this blog to talk about my triumphs and tribulations of ttc. I am hoping for something new and refreshing in my life.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't really feel like trying for a baby any longer. I keep trying and trying with no success. There are several things in my life that are not going for gold right now. No job, lack of financial resources, living pay check to pay check. Being poor with no job prospects and things turning out the way I don't want them to are draining me. Maybe its time for a break from everything. If I sound sad, its because I am. I just wish something great would come along. Something that would more my life into a more positive direction.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job prospect

So I found out yesterday that a school 5 minutes away is hiring a teacher! I guess the teacher decided to go to another school district leaving an open 3rd grade position. This morning I went and gave them my app along with my resume. I was told to call back this afternoon to see the progress of getting an interview. I'm really hopeful that I get the job, considering it is the school where I went when I was younger, plus I have some really great qualities to bring to the table. I hope my luck changes and things start heading in the right direction! Wish me luck!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Puppy Love

Since the passing of our barn dog our house dog has been pretty bumbed. Rosco just mopes around the house, wont eat, sleep, nothing. I thought about dishing him a large bowl of ice cream with the works. That ususally helps me! Josh and I talked about finding a friend for Rosco. So we decided to get a new puppy. My moms neighbor is always having puppies. Their dog is what you would call the town bicycle. Her last litter was just a few months ago and bam, more puppies! We picked out a black dog with some white spots. We call her Daisy. Yes you may think what are these people thinking another dog while ttc! Josh and I have so much love to give, but not a human child to give it to. Why not add another fur baby to our lives. So here she is in all her glory. Miss Daisy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Since July 24th I have been experiencing some stomach cramps. I first noticed them on Friday when we were in the pool. I thought that maybe I just pulled a muscle or worked too hard in swimming laps. However, the cramps haven't seemed to dissipate. My husband thinks that this is a good sign, maybe we are pregnant. I could only wish! Thinking about the possibilities I look back in my calendar to April when I had the positive pregnancy test. I wanted to find some similarities in "symptoms" or bodily signs. I notice that I have the cramping in common, but nothing else is similar. Each pregnancy is different, as so I've heard. Aunt Flo is scheduled for Monday(3rd) or Tuesday(4th). We shall see.

Corn and Cucumber Thief

One of the best memories I have of my grams is helping her with the garden. I didn't always want to help, but I did out of love. I enjoyed picking beans, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, and watermelon. I also loved watching her can and make pickles. I wish I remembered how she made pickles. There are things I wish I would have taken from her and continued to do today.

This year I decided to start my own garden. Josh and I planted it in April. Come to find out I have a good green thumb. I retained some of the things my grams taught me about gardening. Especially when to pick at the peak of perfection. A few days ago I was picking cucumbers and corn out of our small garden. I forgot to take a bucket out with me so I just sat the veggies to the side. Little did I think of the dog. He was running around enjoying his freedom while I was gathering a harvest. So I pick and set the food at the edge. I start to notice that my pile decreases in size every single time I look back. Maybe I was just imagining it, but it really looked smaller. I carried my small harvest to the house and notice corn shucks strung all over the yard. Whats going on? I look for my dog. I found him eating cucumbers and corn. I have a veggie thief. Little did I expect my dog to steal and eat my veggies. At least he is being healthy!