Saturday, December 5, 2009

Operation Sticky Baby

It's time to get on track. It's time to get my body prepared and refocused to house a super sticky baby. So here is the plan... My doctor recommended that I go on ovarian dysfunction therapy. In a nut shell it is diet and exercise. As of now I am using my digestion tract to rid of all of the food items in my house that I am not allowed to eat.

1. Chicken, turkey, fish (no preserved meats)
2. Dark green or green veggies
3. Three eggs a week
4. Milk products, but NO milk
5. Salads, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, lo-cal dressing
6. No caffeine, chocolate, sugar, starchy foods, rice, pasta, potatoes, alcoholic beverages or smokes

Okay so the smokes and alcoholic beverages I already have covered. Never smoked, only drink maybe once every six months. Its going to be tough not having chocolate or rice. I love rice!!

I have to start a rigid exercise routine as well. This will start tomorrow.

3 days/week low impact aerobic workout
4 days/week walking, swimming or cycling

Tomorrow I will get out the ol' yoga ball and my many exercise videos. I will have a skinny booty!! This diet is to help regulate the communication between my ovaries and brain. I have high hopes that this will work to have a super sticky bambino. I will do ANYTHING to have one of my kiddos stay with me for 9 months. This is the first step. It will only get better from here.

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