Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Many of my memorable moments from my childhood come to me from the gathering of families around the holiday season. My favorite holiday would be that of Christmas. I love the lights, decorations, music, and over all good cheer! Having the economy in turmoil this holiday season it has been harder to purchase gifts for loved ones, even decor for our home. My MIL gifted me several of her "unwanted" Christmas decorations to fill my house with some Christmas spirit. I am grateful that she had extras that she was willing to give up so my house would no longer be bare during my favorite holiday of the year. Another item that I've decided is that I am only able to buy on gift for each person. This year I've decided to gift the necessities rather than the wanted. Many people in my family are struggling with purchasing necessities this year. Why not be the one to help them? Just to brighten their day, I may throw a wished gift in there too! Have a great holiday!

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