Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday I was out shopping with my momma. I really didn't have the intentions to go buy things, just to look around and socialize. As soon as I walked into the mall, it was over. $100 poorer, but I got some really great things!!

I just love how when our America has holidays, we the people have sales. BIG HUGEMONGUS SALES! 70% off then take 60 % off!! WHAT!! These people are practically asking me to take the items off of there hands.

First stop: Elder Beerman side walk sale. (yeah side walk sale inside a mall, whoonu!) Well, this side walk sale really really made me want to have a child more. It made me wish that Baby J was still growing inside me. It made me wish that My 3 other sweet angels were sitting in a stroller while mommy went shopping. This sale, full of baby clothes! Baby clothes by the dump truck load!! $20 outfits for $3!! Now who could pass that up!! Yes, it made my heart a little sad, but it also filled me with hope. Hope that one day I will be able to attend these sales with a sweet child. And get this, actually buy something for my living, breathing, crying child. What did I do? Well I picked out the most gender neutral outfit I saw for a 6 mo baby. Yes, I did! I put it in my baby box. (A box of baby things that I started when I was preggers the first time. It's kinda like a baby hope chest.) It is just the cutest thing! There are two onsies, one long and one short sleeve, a pair of green pants with a duck head on the butt. One of the onsies says "look I made you smile!" The other onsie has a picture of a duck. So into my baby box it goes. Along with all of the other things. Hoping and waiting for the day that I actually will have a baby to dress in these clothes.

Ohh, I also got some great shorts, $50 shorts I might add, for ONLY $19!! What! Nope, I'm not fibbing to you. That's the truth. So I bought three pair! Adorable, I might add! I also got a table cloth and a shirt for the hubcap.

At Kohl's I bought a beautiful $30 necklace for $9. I'm really starting to see that I'm a bargain hunter. Either that or America has opened up the gates of savings to me. She is like here Stacy, go out and shop for really cheap!

Then I went to Target. Oh target. The store I totally <3 with all my heart. It is a teachers dream! Especially that dollar section right by the entrance. OMG! So I totally spent $14 on dollar items. Items for my future classroom. Now, if only I would get the call saying that I got the job.......

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