Friday, July 16, 2010

A light at the end of the.......rainbow?

Today is THE day! I am going to go and get my progesterone levels tested! WAHOO!!! I am soo excited for them to have to take my blood! Honestly, I never thought I would say that, but I am! Guess what else this means!?! We get to start trying for a baby again! Yes, I already know that I am at the end of this cycle, but really I'm so excited! Using rubbers, well that blew. Oh, and I start taking my Prometrium tonight! How amazing is that!!?!! We are this much closer to having a pregnancy again! I cannot wait!! I honestly feel that I am supposed to have a baby before I get a job. Things seem to be pointing in the direction of having children. I sure hope I'm right about this one!

In other exciting news, Josh's car FINALLY kicked the bucket! It was the car I owned since I was 16. You may be thinkin, "man this girl is crazy for being excited about a broken car!" It was honestly a rolling death sentence. This was the third time that the transmission blew and we were not going to fix it again! The car is only worth $200!! I'm tired of spending money on that darn thing! So I decided to call the bank. I got my new Envoy in May. They told us that we needed to wait 6months before trying for another loan. I was a little worried that we would be a one car family for another 3 months! We work in opposite directions at weird times, so being a one car family is not an option. So I explained all of this to them. She put me on hold for a few minutes. Then she gets back on and tells us to go find a car!

After hearing those few words the search was on! So we live in the middle of Indiana, about 30 minutes from Greenville, Ohio. We ended up 10 miles from the Indiana-Michigan border. Yet, we still didn't find a truck. "It has to be perfect!!" So here we are looking for this perfect truck, in my perfect Envoy. And nothing.....No glimmer of hope.....It seems like all the trucks that Josh wants mysteriously were sold off the market once we got the go ahead to get a new one. WTH!?! This is his long weekend to work. We are going to resume the truck hunt on Monday. He may even do some Internet shopping. I'm just so excited that we are getting somewhere in life!!

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  1. I was glad when two of our cars died, the first one was a ford Contour and you can imagine why I'd want it to die it was just a owners nightmare and a mechanic's dream broke down alot. And we had a Buick century (yuck) and I am thrilled to say it broke down last week. then the microwave went and I'm not too happy about that because it's the way I cook when it's this hot outside.

    Yay for trying again!