Friday, July 2, 2010


Exercise has to follow motivation for me. Motivation has to be something real. My motivation is my four angel babies. Out of all four of them, only one was able to have his/her picture taken. There, above my TV in a beautiful frame, is an ultrasound picture of our beautiful sweet precious Baby J. How much more motivation do I need, than that? Looking at my precious sweet baby while working out keeps me going.

Yesterday, while getting my workout on, I just started at that picture amazed at the creation that my husband and I made. Thinking about where I would be at this point in my pregnancy. Would this baby be a boy or a girl? What would he/she look like? A million questions entered into my mind.

The longer I look at my baby, the more and more I begin to notice something. Right under the sac holding my sweet child, is the shape of a heart and the figure of arms out stretched. Right there in my uterus was someone loving and holding my Baby J up. Protecting him/her from harm. It was my other 3 angels. Tears started to stream down my face. I screamed for my husband to come and have a look. He just held me tight.

I find comfort in knowing that my sweet children, my husband, and myself all have guardian angels.

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