Sunday, August 2, 2009


Since July 24th I have been experiencing some stomach cramps. I first noticed them on Friday when we were in the pool. I thought that maybe I just pulled a muscle or worked too hard in swimming laps. However, the cramps haven't seemed to dissipate. My husband thinks that this is a good sign, maybe we are pregnant. I could only wish! Thinking about the possibilities I look back in my calendar to April when I had the positive pregnancy test. I wanted to find some similarities in "symptoms" or bodily signs. I notice that I have the cramping in common, but nothing else is similar. Each pregnancy is different, as so I've heard. Aunt Flo is scheduled for Monday(3rd) or Tuesday(4th). We shall see.


  1. Stacy - I'm not on the boards anymore... but please keep us posted!!! KMFC for you!

  2. So ladies af showed on the third. Here is to trying again!

  3. Thanks for the update! Sorry the wretched witch showed again!!