Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't really feel like trying for a baby any longer. I keep trying and trying with no success. There are several things in my life that are not going for gold right now. No job, lack of financial resources, living pay check to pay check. Being poor with no job prospects and things turning out the way I don't want them to are draining me. Maybe its time for a break from everything. If I sound sad, its because I am. I just wish something great would come along. Something that would more my life into a more positive direction.

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  1. Check out the links posted on my blog about turning negative thoughts/self-talk into positive. Or read the book "The Secret" or even "Ask And It Is Given". Trust me, I know this slump you are feeling. That's why I removed myself from posting on the boards, talking about where I am in my cycle, stopped temping, charting, everything. That way if it happens, it wasn't so "planned". It's my way of hoping to relax a bit about all of this stuff. I will pop in once every few days to see if there are any new bfps, but even that gets depressing. So I try to just avoid it. But I realized that I have let all of the things going on that bring me down (similar situations to yours)really have an effect on my overall well being. And that's not the person I want to be. So I googled "how to turn negative thoughts into positive" and found a ton of ezine articles that were very helpful. It's a challenge, but I'm truly making a conscious effor to change things for myself. And I definitely fell a TON better about things! Sending **HUGS**!