Sunday, August 2, 2009

Corn and Cucumber Thief

One of the best memories I have of my grams is helping her with the garden. I didn't always want to help, but I did out of love. I enjoyed picking beans, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, and watermelon. I also loved watching her can and make pickles. I wish I remembered how she made pickles. There are things I wish I would have taken from her and continued to do today.

This year I decided to start my own garden. Josh and I planted it in April. Come to find out I have a good green thumb. I retained some of the things my grams taught me about gardening. Especially when to pick at the peak of perfection. A few days ago I was picking cucumbers and corn out of our small garden. I forgot to take a bucket out with me so I just sat the veggies to the side. Little did I think of the dog. He was running around enjoying his freedom while I was gathering a harvest. So I pick and set the food at the edge. I start to notice that my pile decreases in size every single time I look back. Maybe I was just imagining it, but it really looked smaller. I carried my small harvest to the house and notice corn shucks strung all over the yard. Whats going on? I look for my dog. I found him eating cucumbers and corn. I have a veggie thief. Little did I expect my dog to steal and eat my veggies. At least he is being healthy!

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