Friday, February 4, 2011


It seems like we are always waiting......

Waiting at the doctors office
waiting at restaurants
waiting for someone
waiting for answers
waiting for a certain time of the year (hello spring! I'm talkin to you)
waiting for a phone call
waiting for test results
waiting, waiting, waiting.
Right now, I'm waiting for that baby of mine to be in my arms. I've been waiting for two and a half years. And I can say that I've been pretty patient. Through all the testing, the four miscarriages, and watching all of my coupled friends announce pregnancies, I've been waiting. I've been somewhat patient. Now I could be a bit more patient, but nature takes over and I want things now!!
I know there is a plan for everything. That God is in control of our lives. But God, when will it be my turn to have a child of my own?
Right now, I am trying to be patient in my wait to get the results of my progesterone testing. I'm also waiting to test to see if God has granted me to be a mommy this month.
We can't change the fact that we have to wait. We will be waiting for the rest of our lives for something or another. I guess all we can do is find some coping skills to help us deal with the fact that we will have to be waiting on something. Like: reading, walking, watching television, being addicted to facebook, playing online games, playing card games... The list is endless. But I know that while I wait God has a plan for me. Something great that I have yet to see, but it's there. He knows it. Someday so will I.
"Love is NEVER tired of waiting." 1 Corinthians 13:4


  1. I don't like waiting.
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