Sunday, February 6, 2011


"For nothing is impossible with God." Matthew 1:37
Dear Jesus, Dear Lord,
I have heard that scripture over and over that NOTHING is impossible with you. I know this to be true, but sometimes its hard to fathom. If nothing is impossible, then why do I keep losing the babies that I truly desire? That's something I just don't understand. I know you want us to be happy, but then I sit here in misery wondering why the happiness of a child has yet to be granted into my womb, into my arms, into my life. I do want to have children. It's something that I've wanted since I was in high school. But, I waited. I waited until I was married before I decided to start trying for a child. Yet, there is none with me in my arms.
I guess something that you made possible is for me to survive miscarriage after miscarriage. To come out stronger in the end, with more of a voice for myself. Maybe the lesson that I am to get out of this is to help people who have and will experience such tragedy. Lord, I pray that people don't have to experience this heartache. I pray that I don't have to experience something like this again.
Please bring my husband and I a child. One that I can hold in my arms and heart. One where I can teach to read, ride a bicycle, walk, make grilled cheese. I want to be a mommy. Please grant me my wish. Thank you for taking care of my babies that are with you.

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