Friday, February 25, 2011

Excuse me, what was that!?!

Today I went in for my CD14 ultrasound to see how that 150mg of clomid was working in my body. From the start I told the ultrasound tech that i wanted to see if my follies were big enough to get the HCG trigger shot. (I say this each and every time I go in.) All of the sudden she starts talking about how the hcg will effect my body. How I cannot test earlier than the specified test date. Then she asks my husband if he feels comfortable giving me the shot.

Mrs. P tells me that I have three follies on the right side, one of them is mature. On the left there are two follies, one of them is mature.

A whole whirl of emotions floating through my brain. I get dressed, go out in the hallway.


Did they just say that I can get the trigger!!! We were standing out in the hall along with the ob and the u/s tech. I look at them and say, "so does this mean I get the trigger shot." Dr C looks at me and says that he is feeling out the script right at that very moment. Then he gets this huge smile on my face (very reassuring for me) and so do we.

This is such a huge step in our TTC journey. I hope and pray that this month is the month in which we get and stay pregnant. I've been praying to God. Visualizing a positive pregnancy test and a growing baby in my arms. I have my vision boards that are themed around a healthy pregnancy in my site at all times. Things have to work out.

Just have to be optimistic.

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