Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been two days since I have been injected with the hcg trigger shot. I will be at 36 hours at 2pm today. So in about 4.5 hours the trigger will have been in my system for 36 hours. It's amazing what one little drug can do.

Yesterday, I just had the curiosity to see if the trigger shot actually would work. If it would actually give me a false positive. I had one hpt left so I decided to use it. Yep i was only at cd15 and I know that there was no way that the test would be positive other than the drugs that I've been shot up with. I took it, and it was positive. thus reassuring that this is actually going to work. this has to work. I will be a mother. I am a mother. Seeing that positive, false as it may be, gives me hope that I will see a true positive soon. I have faith.

Since Friday, I've been feeling pretty tired. I actually took a nap yesterday. Taking naps are rare for me. I only take them when I'm not feeling well and that's not very often. Then I felt like going to be at 8pm. Funny how this drug makes me feel. I have also had some slight abdominal pain. Which I was told was normal since the follies would be rupturing.

I'm ready to hold a baby in my arms. This just feels right. Everything about this feels right. I hope my rightness feelings come true.

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