Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear home pregnancy tests,

Over the past few days (11 to be exact) I have taken several tests only to have them show up negative. My period is 11 day late! You would think that something is going on with my body, like hello a pregnancy!!??!! Yesterday I was so ill. So I decided to use one of your sisters a Clear Blue Easy. Look! What was that! Is that a line! I hold it up to the light call my husband into the room to stare at you. Yep. There it is a faint, faint line. It's about time! I decided to take two more of you, one last night and one this morning, and both had faint faint line. I guess it is time to call the RE. Thank you dear hpt for showing me a "I hope it is positive" test. I just wish you would have shown me sooner. I truly hope you are right!


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