Monday, June 27, 2011

Childhood loves

The book I'm currently reading, The Happiness Project, has really given me some incites on what it is to be happy and how to bring happiness into my life.

One chapter in the book discussed how to put more fun into your daily routine. She gave several strategies, but one that really caught my attention was to bring back things that you enjoyed in your childhood.

So I though, "what did I do in my childhood that made me the happiest?"

I thought that it would be one of those questions where I had to sit and think forever. Or I thought that, well maybe this could help, but I doubt it. I decided to put these things to the test and it actually worked. It actually infused happiness into my life for that split second.

What did I do?
1. Coloring (this was very relaxing)
2. Playdough (love the smell)
3. Hula Hoop (gives me my workout too)
4. Cutting out pictures in a magazine of what I want for my future

Now I pose this question: What did you enjoy as a child that would bring much happiness to your life?

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