Friday, January 14, 2011

Insurance Woes

Today I contacted our insurance company to see which of the 3 RE's I've been suggested were covered. Well two of them are! Thank goodness. But there's some bad news. Our insurance does nothing to cover infertility. No testing, no treatments, no meds. Nothing. So what's the point in even covering the RE!

There is no possible way we can afford the treatments other than clomid. But clomid isnst working. Thank goodness its on the cheap list.

My OB said that IUI would greatly increase our chances of having a healthy lasting pregnancy. But how could I afford it? I can't. At least not on my own.

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  1. My friend is in the same boat but she was able to get a different job with talbot's and they're insurance covers IF.

    Right now I don't have insurance dh's company dropped spouses :'(