Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clomid round 3 & 4

Yes, its been awhile, again... I apologize. Haven't really had much luck with computers of the past few months.

Clomid round 3 ~ My progesterone level was 9. I wasn't really expecting anything from it, but was surprised when I tested and found that I was pregnant. However, that pregnancy was failing from the beginning. So here we are with miscarriage number four! UGH! On the plus side we were able to start trying again since I wasn't far along at all. We also decided that we are going to get an RE. So while we are waiting to find one that's covered by our insurance we will continue our clomid plan in hopes that I get a positive hpt so I don't have to go to an re.

Clomid round 4 ~ This cycle!!! My progesterone was amazing this month! A whooping 39! I was beyond ecstatic about this high number. It was the highest I ever had. i was sure that it was going to bring some great news. I have felt and am still feeling some things on my right side. I know my right side is the good side. Left, not so much. well today I am 11dpo and my ordered poas day. So I did..... another negative.

I really just feel like pushing all hopes and dreams of ever becoming a mother down the drain. I'm tired, frustrated, sad, afraid. unsure of what to do next. TTC is the pitts. I wish it was easier. I wish I was a mommy already.

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