Thursday, June 24, 2010


Monday was our post D&C check-up. Josha nd I were both super nervous and didn't get much sleep. We went into town about an hour prior to the appoitment time. We had to get a few things that we needed for our house. So we had the appoitment (details will come in a bit) and then we went to lunch.

Well, after we ate lunch his dad calls us in a panic. He said he was having loads of paoin on his right side. He said he wasn't able to drive and could barely talk. So here we are between our hous and his dad's. We flew to Indy from my OB ton. It took us about 45 minutes to get to his house. We get there and is truck is no in the parking lot. Josh was in a panic, s he was the entire drive to his dad's. We tried calling his dad, but he was soo incoherent we were starting to get really worried. Thinking that maybe he is out driving somewhere and getting worse. Then we couldn't find the hospital, stinkin VZ Navigator led us the wrong way!!! Finally, his dad called us and was speaking normally. He gave us the right directions to the hospital, no thanks to verizon wireless. We get there and he seems to be doing fine. He didnt have a heart attack, thank goodness, but really bad kidney stones. Our day started at 7am and we didn't get home until almost 10pm. I am just thankful that it was nothing major with my FIL.

Ok, now to my OB appoitment. My BP was up, but I was just feaking out a little when they took me into the exam room. He goes through asking how I'm doing and such. Dr. C then tells me that the reason I bleed for so long after the procedure was because the placent was so embedded in my uterus. He had to practically dig it out! Then he states that he doesn't have all of the chromosomal testing results from Baby J. The part that he does have is all, get this, normal!! WTH!?! He said that they are looking over some of the chromosomes again b/c they seemed to be missing something. I should get the final results from this in about 3 more weeks. I'm not liking this waiting game, but it's what I gatta do.

I asked Dr. C about a vitamin deficiency. He said that my blood work was too good for me to have something like that. Then we start talking abotu my ovulation. He said that my counts when I was preggers just didn't make any sense. They were too high for how far along I was. He said it pretty much stated that I would have O'ed on CD9-11. Then I dropped the bomb on him that I did O on CD 11. I always do, with the 25 day cycle length. I never really knew this info about my body until I started temping. (*Tip* If you are TTC I would advise temping so you know more things about your body going into OB appoitments.) I guess I should have mentioned this summer, but I never thought that when I O'ed would really matter. I also told him about how my OPK's were always light, but my temps went up. Apparently I have early ovulation, duah! This causes my body to not prepare itself to keep a pregnancy. It doesn't allow the lining of my uterus to be strong enough to hold a pregnancy, thush my hormone issue.

Dr. C wants me to call him on the first day of my first cycle after mc. Then he is going to get me set up with more labs to see my progestrone levels, again. Then when we start TTC again, I have to take Prometrium, my $400/month progestrone medication, EVERYDAY to help build up the lining in my uterus to help prepare it for pregnancy. So I am taking it before and during pregnancy. He really doesn't want to give me clomid since I get pregnant so easily. The progestrone supplement is the best soultion. Eventually, he wants to do an SA on Josh.

I have to make a huge dent and effort in this diet. I have to do better than what I did the past time. Although, I am really starting to lack motivation. I want to help my body as best I can so I can sustain a pregnancy. Right now, I'm just in the waiting game...


  1. Oh Stacy, I'm so sorry I haven't been on the boards in a while and I didn't realize you lost your last baby too. Man this sucks. You are so strong to be able to deal with so much! Hopefully the new plan will end with a healthy baby in your arms. Why is it so hard for the people who really deserve it?

  2. The boards have slowed drastically. It really does bit to have so many issues with this. I am just thankful that we think that we have the problem figured out.