Thursday, November 26, 2009

Of these things I am thankful

Although this week has been gloomy for me emotionally and physically, I still believe there are things for me to be thankful.

First off, I am thankful that I was actually able to get pregnant twice. Having carried three babies with me for a few months is probably more than some others can only imagine. God allowed me to carry those children for a while to show me how precious life is. To those of you that have tried and are unable to conceive, my deepest sympathy.

I am thankful for my husband. Without him I would be devastated. He is my rock, my shelter, my shoulder to cry on. He is the greatest support system I could ever imagine having by my side on a daily basis. I am thankful for his love, devotion, and personality. Thank you dear for being with me for 9 wonderful years.

Oh the joy of having a home. Last month we moved into our new home. Its beautiful! Its warm. I am thankful that I have a place to call home. A place where I don't have to worry about frozen water pipes, freezing in the middle of winter, or having the house blow away when a storm comes. Dear God, thank you for our wonderful brick home. I have a place that I can truly call home. There are many in this world who have no shelter. Please be with those who haven't a place to stay.

Finally, no matter how much they drive me crazy. I am thankful for my family. They have brought me laughter, anger, joy, and comfort throughout this past year. Without any of them by my side supporting me I don't think I would have made it this far.

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and contemplation about all of the things in your life of which to be happy. Though I have suffered many great losses this year, I am thankful that there are things in my life I can still depend upon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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