Monday, September 7, 2009

Living with an ADD spouse

I'm beginning to think that my husband needs some medical attention.

While we were dating his younger brother was on medication for ADHD. His younger sister she was hyper, but didn't have any other symptoms. During school Josh never did homework, but got great grades on tests. He lacks motivation and loses track of many things.

As time went on, the symptoms worsened. He has trouble finding his way to our normal grocery store. The house is in jumble. When he is at work the house is spotless, but as soon as he enters the door a tornado wipes through. He doesn't like to get rid of anything, and loves stacking. Josh loses track of time, cannot manage money, loses interest in projects he starts, forgets things that he needs to do, and has started to lose his sex drive (its hard to make babies when he doesn't want to have sex or gets distracted while we are in the process).

Suddenly things started to make sense. Big DUH moment!! He has ADD. All of the symptoms are there as clear as day. I really didn't realize this until I discovered that leaving notes or checklists for him on the bathroom mirror started to help. We have yet to discuss this with our family doctor, but are starting to make changes in our life.One thing that I have been working on is decluttering and organizing the house. I worked in special education for 6 years and am pulling resources from that time in my life.I would like to find some great information on helping my husband cope with life. Help him get his sex drive back. I would also like to chat with people that are going through the same situation. I believe it is of great importance to connect and support others going through the same situation.

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