Friday, June 27, 2014


There are days where I feel like time is standing still. Like I'm running and running towards our dream and nothing changes. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a hole, and I have to work harder and harder to get myself back on land where the sun shines. This battle that I am fighting, this journey that I have been traveling, has changed my(our) life. Things look differently. You can't watch the news, because it breaks your heart to see all of these people making bad choices and harming their children. I don't understand why people would do such thing. It breaks my heart. Then you have my husband and myself who are pouring out our hearts to try to have just one child. Just one. We have so many babies in heaven, but none in our arms. I wish we had one in our arms. Just one. I know we are great parents. I know that we can offer so much to a child. I just want to have that chance. I want to be given the chance to have a child in our arms. A chance to have a biological child.

Sometimes I wish time would hurry, but I know that I need to enjoy this ride that I'm on. This path that I have been given. This journey to parenthood.

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